Rangeley 2011

The high water at the ski mobile bridge didn’t stop virgin, Rob (G-Man) Galante, from catching this landlocked salmon on one of his own flies.  It was the first cast of his first trip.  And it was this year’s biggest fish.  18″. We made the best of high waters and crowded spots.  Rob outfished nearly everybody, every day.  Last time we have you up again big guy. Just kidding.

He cleaned up below the #10 Bridge on brookies and at the outlet of Mill Brook too.  Ray did very well on Mill Brook.  And, yes, Ray we should have listened to you all along about that little freshlet. It was the honey hole.  Greg H. nailed 15+ brookies there on dries and droppers on the last day.  Eric fished well there, so did Mike and Chris A, New newguy and Old newguy.  Chris A did even better with the salsa!

Whalen had an off year this year.  Don’t know what happened to you, Chris.  You didn’t catch one fish over 13″.  Not losing it are you? There was plenty of food and nonsense, but I had to run by myself in the morning.  Thanks a lot Useless Tim.  Hope getting your Master’s Degree is worth abandoning me.

Barrett was missing. Didn’t even offer and excuse. And, JD has new boots, so we can’t figure out why he didn’t come.  We should have fished the Lower Magalloway.  Somebody who knows what he’s talking about, probably Ray, said it. But, we didn’t listen. Rob sent me this report, which shows we should listen to ray next time.  This guy, Don Bastain was there when we were.  If we’d only listened to Ray.

One Response to “Rangeley 2011”

  1. I actually fished there that first day and got nothing. But a few guys next to me did…..loads of fun as every year!

    Going to focus on stripers now. There are plenty on singing beach right now as well as Essex/Anisquam River if anyone is around..

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